My Life as an Artist

I am an artist. I do arts in music, painting and dancing. People call me obsess but I do not mind. I am just kind of busy person. Busy creating new ideas, improving my skills and studying and analyzing every detail of artwork, of how it became like that. Since I was young, my mother always play the piano and my father too plays the guitar. As I am exposed to this kind of environment, I come to love music.

In fact, we are a family of musicians, not only my father and mother but even my cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. Learning the elements of music, I come to realize that it is dynamic. As such, you can have the way you want a music to be. Also, you can hear so many genres of music throughout the world. This is the power of a musician and artist’s creativity and flexibility. Before, I just love to paint a piece of paper without any purpose and idea.

Until such time that my professor in arts told me that I have the potential to become a painting artist seeing my drafts of painting. That professor of mine is smart, I admire him so I really think deeply his words to me. I came to do research  on painting and I was startled at the fact that it is very for me. Now, I am a professional painter.  My life as an artist is worth-living. Talent, skill, technique and so on are my treasures.