Animation 101: the 5 different types of animation

Having knowledge about something that is new to you is very exciting. Especially if it is a very good information that you can use for many times. This is true when many people learned how to do animation. They are wandering at first and do not know what to do but once they have the hang of it, they can do much. Animation has been a part of a children’s life and now it reached to the other audiences. It is not just for children but for all ages.

We have seen this trough the many animation movies that were produced and they become very popular. To have an idea about how they are made, let us take some time to know what are the five types of animation. The first type is the traditional animation or also being called as cell animation. It involves a lot of effort from famous designers to finish this amazing dress. It is explained in more detail in the video about. It was well explained there about how it was designed and created.

The third type of animation in the video is computer animation that with the world itself uses the computer programs or software to create the animation. The fourth type is the motion graphic that is a bit different than the others. The last type is the stop motion animation.