When we talk about art, the theory of expressionism is always involved. What then is expressionism? Well, this is a style of sculpture, painting, drama or music in which the artist or writier seeks to express emotional experience rather than impressions of the external world. Let us suppose that an aritst has a lot of the same portrait. Though it seems all the same portrait no matter how many in quantity, but the expressions of eac h portrait differ from each other.

Additionally, expressionism is the way artists communicate to their audiences and deliver them their feelings and emotions. It is sometimes responsible for the creaztion of some of the more questionable work of art. Expressionists are artists in this theory. In the beginning, expressionists are only concern with these two matters – artist and artwork. But some time later, a third concern is added – that is the viewer. This is because art is a human activity that other people who see these artworks are infected by the feelings of the artists and so also experience them. Expressionists do not only paint what they saw but actually, they paint also how they felt, what they think they look like on the inside.

Today’s modernity, art becomes modern too. However, art is not all about the skill, technology or technique but  it is about the expression which according to expressionists.

Accordingly, the theory of expressionism  originated from the ideas of the Romanticist movement where strong emotions highlight intuition,  imagination and feeling. It allows art to reach out to everyone, as it appeals to emotion rather than physical objects.