Most Emotional Artworks

Why artworks relieve us from anxieties, touch our hearts and move our ears, meditate with the meaning? It is because this is the principle of art. Many artists have demonstrated their wits in the field of arts but most artists did not use only wits but their emotions this is why the emotions that they have are imparted upon us so we can also feel what they feel. Here are the saddest artworks in the world.

Performing Arts

  • Schindler’s List produced by Steven Spielberg– This movie was based on a true story that was produced in 1993. This demonstrated the past history about holocaust occurred during the WWII. This movie will surely make you cry for the 6 million Jews that were eradicated by the Nazis from the face of the earth.
  • Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross- There is no one who did not shed tears after listening to this song. This portrays the longing of a child to be with a father whether their father is alive or not. This song is really the most emotional song.

Visual Arts

  • Abraham and Isaac- is one of the most emotional painting depicting Abraham who was about sacrifice his son Isaac to God. What is so emotional here is that Abraham loved Isaac so much that he had when he was a hundred years of age. Still, although he loved him so much, he still wanted to obey¬† God.

Literary Arts

  • Tonight I can write the Saddest Lines by Pablo Neruda- This poem is dedicated to a girl who left the persona and yet the latter still loves her so much. His girl going with someone hurt him so much.
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a tragic story of Hamlet, the prince of Denmark who came to revenge for the death of his father and eventually died in the end.